Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Local Elections

Sue stood as a Labour candidate for St Michaels (Camberley) in the recent elections. She didn't win but she did have some concerns about the behaviour of some of tellers at the polling booths - nothing earth shattering, just things like the large number of Tory tellers at some polling stations, Tory literature at the polling station etc. So off she went today to discuss her concerns with the returning officer.

8:30pm tonight who should come around our house but the Colin Dougan (the Tory councillor who Sue was standing against) saying that he's been told that Sue has accussed the Tories of cheating. Its bad enough that Sue was door stepped but how did he find out?

According to Dougan, the returning officer told the Chief Executive (Karen Whelan) who told Dougan. Surely the returning officer and the Chief Executive should keep such conversation private until there is a formal complaint and not go around tipping off the local Tory party. How is Sue meant to have an open and honest conversation with the returning officer if they go and tip off the Tories as soon as she leaves the office.

In my opinion, it is the supposedly non-political members of the borough council doing their best to support and help the Tories and quash anything that might upset or embarrass them.

Bloody hell Matt, for the first time in ages I find myself in the strange position of agreeing with you! It dioesn't seem right to me.
Hi Matt

Have you contacted the council to express your concerns?

Best wishes

Paul Deach
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