Sunday, January 30, 2011


Camberley Mosque Appeal

The Camberley Mosque debacle is slowly lumbering towards its appeal on April 4th. The Camberley News has an interesting comment on the article about it where they state that Bengali Welfare Association are paying about £80K per day on legal advise for the appeal. I've had independent verification that that amount is accurate.

So we have the BWA in the last planning hearing stating that they could not build the originally planned extension at the back of the school as they could only get funding for an Arabic style mosque. Now they are saying they can't afford to heat or maintain the building but they can afford hundreds of thousands of pounds on legal advice.

If you look at the accounts submitted to the Charity Commision you can see that they are not a rich charity. So clearly they have some form of external funding and whoever is funding them are only prepared to give them money towards a large Arabic style mosque in that location.

My guess would be that the money is coming from Saudi Arabia, it certainly wouldn't be the first time this has happened, eg see these comments by our local MP.


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