Tuesday, September 21, 2010


89 Gordon Road and Longacres

The good news is that, after an excellent presentation from Sue, the councillors rejects the plans to demolish 89 Gordon Road. Hoorah. However we also had to sit through several other planning applications. One was from Longacres nursery to extend the size of their building by about 250 square metres. Bearing in mind that this is in the green belt I thought it would be obvious that they would follow the planning officers recommendations and reject the proposal. But no, nearly all over them tried to make out that it wasn't proper green belt because there were roads and railways surrounding it, not to mention a car park so allowing Longacres to extend even further was just fine. The fact the Longacres has a history of building and selling what they want, regardless of planning restrictions didn't seem to bother them either.

There was another application in Bagshot which fell within 400m of the Special Protected Area so it would be illegal for them to grant planning permission. They still did their best though. One of them asked why they couldn't just approve it anyway. Another asked if they couldn't move the SPA a bit further away.

All these pesky restrictions on green belt development and SPAs must be such a nuisance for them. Or would be if they took them seriously.

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