Sunday, March 14, 2010


Dr Taj Hargey and the MCB

Having heard Dr Hargey speak at the council meeting I've been reading various article by and about him. This is one of the interesting ones, if only because of the poor light it throw on the MCB.

In other news, the Camberley Mosque website has been updated to say that the "rundown building that we use as a place of worship is too precious to be replaced by a new modern building so please continue your worship in the existing rundown building as normal"

Mrs Chaudhry has said that "in the meantime (waiting for the appeal process) the building is going to be as it is, in a terrible state"

The new plan appear to be to let the building fall into disrepair. Hopefully the council won't let them and will issue a repair notice, something it sounds like they should've done a while ago.

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Interesting post Matt - thanks for digging out the complaint from MCB to Panorama. I think it's time that the government and media stopped pandering to the unelected, unrepresentative MCB. I wonder if we set ourselves up as the CCS (Camberley Council of Surrey) put out a few press releases, applied for grant funding, spoke as we pleased without any mandate from the people we claim to represent, how far we'd get? Time to speak out against MCB I think!
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