Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sexism and the mosque

I've been trawling through some of the details of the planning application and they make very interesting reading. For example, have a look at appendix 1, statement of community involvement page 19. Look at how little space is given to the women's locker and changing space.

Also look at the planning statement page 30: "Muslim women wear the veil and gown to conceal themselves from men". I see plenty of Muslim women just wearing a headscarf. This implies the mosque is going to require women to be fully veiled.

And on page 17 "One of the interesting issues and design features in contemporary mosques is the space of prayer for women. Typically around 15% of the prayer space is given to women who are usually housed to the sides, separated from the men"

By using the word "contemporary", they are implying that their particular brand of Tablighi Jamaat Islam is the normal one and we should all accept it. Its not and we shouldn't accept it. Muslim women are no less religious than the men and shouldn't have to wear a veil to attend a mosque. Nor should they have reduced facilities than the men. Or is the mosque going to be male dominated and they'd really much prefer it is the women stayed at home?

Monday, February 22, 2010


Going National

As well as the News of the World, the mosque application has also made it into the Daily Mail and the Telegraph. The Daily Mail article seems to be a copy of the New of the World article with the odd inaccuracy thrown in. The Telegraph then copies pretty much word for word what the Mail said, including the mistake about the application being approved.

The BBC have been in Camberley as well so we've just appeared on the BBC London News. It was no more accurate than the newspaper articles. Apparently the plans have been altered to restrict access to the towers. They failed to mention that happened ages ago when the MOD first raised the security issue. They didn't mention the wider issues around the planning applications.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


News of the World

Camberley Mosque had already been blogged about by the BNP. It has now made it into the New of the World.

Monday, February 15, 2010


More Mosque stuff

It looks like the liberal democrats are in favour of the mosque being built. Alan Hiliar has written a somewhat inaccurate article in the Guardian. Apparently anyone who disagrees with the application hates muslims: "he (Gove) seems to want to placate those whose opposition stems from a deep antipathy to Muslims generally". Nice.

Monday, February 01, 2010


Camberley Mosque part 2

The date for the formal meeting has been set as 17th February according to the Camberley news and Mail. At least it is now going to the full council which should changing the voting a bit.

A petition against the plans is now available for signing. We'll be trying to get it around as many people and places as possible but if you haven't signed it, drop me an email at

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