Monday, January 25, 2010


Camberley Mosque

I've just been to the planning meeting for Camberley Mosque. Against the recommendations of the planning officer, it was passed. The councillors who spoke in favour of it ignored the fact that it was a conservation area. One of them said that the school was next to a bunch of "old huts" and not what he called a street scene.

It's what I call a street scene and it isn't going to be improved by an overly large and inappropriately designed building.

After the meeting there was a fair bit of milling around going on outside with one of the councillors being applauded by the supporters and others walking around being extremely pissed off. One of the objectors decided he was now going to vote BNP.

On the plus side, I was interviewed by the BBC local news so might be on TV in a bit!


More eye surgery

I went for more laser surgery on Wednesday. The first lot of surgery went ok and had left me with a bit of remaining short sightedness (>-0.5 dioptres) and a bit of astigmatism. All would have been fine but the astigmatism caused two focal points so I had double vision. It was especially bad at night with bright lights. So my choices were to live it with, have it corrected with glasses or have more surgery. I chose the latter.

The process is the same as the first lot of surgery but instead of cutting a flap with a laser, they lift the existing flaps. First they put some eye drops in to numb the eye and then mark around the flaps with some sort of sharp needle. The it is off to the surgery where they peel back the flaps and repeat the shiny laser thing.

What I didn't realise was just how much it was going to hurt when the peeled back the flaps. It was like being kicked in the balls, except the pain was in my eyes. I knew it was going to be difficult when the surgeon said "pass me the spear"! Had I realised how much it would hurt, I'm not sure I would've had it done. However, a few days later and the pain has gone away. it's back to the routine of regular eye drops. Vision in my right eye is already excellent - I can read the bottom line of the eye charts. My left eye is still a bit blurry but no double vision.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010



Haven't seen this much snow down here before, currently 16cm and still falling.

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