Wednesday, May 13, 2009



I had my eyes lasered this morning by Mr Anderson. It all seemed to go smoothly enough. They start of taping your eye open and adding some anaesthetic drops. Then they push some sort of suction device on your eye to hold it still whilst the first laser cuts the flap. I couldn't feel the laser at all but the pressure from the vacuum device was painful. Then they take that off and swing you across to the second laser which does the eye correction. I could make out the surgeon as he pushed the flap around but there was no pain at all.

Total laser time was about 60 seconds and after a check by the surgeon and a cup of tea, I caught the train home.

My eyes watered like nobody's business for the first few hours but are ok now. They are a little sore (it feel a bit like wearing an uncomfortable contact lens) but my vision is already pretty good - not good enough to drive yet but it should be in a day or two.



I was cleaning out the gutters yesterday and had the chance to get sight of the wall above next door's garage. The pointing is a mess, looks like it needs redoing to me before it lets in the rain.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Radio 1 Big Weekend

Sue, clever girl that she is, won tickets to the Radio 1 Big Weekend this Sunday. We saw lots of bands I would never normally see. N-Dubz were pretty good, Tinchy Strider had so much base I thought my nose was going to bleed but Akon gave the best performance (though he was miming for a lot of it!).

Sunday, May 03, 2009



This weekend I have mainly been putting down decking at the end of the garden. One end is a semi-circle so it took quite a while to get the frame cut properly to support the deck. I've now got to run a skirt around the edging and trim the weed membrane back. However I've ran out of screws so that will have to wait.

I got the decking and timber for the frame from these AVS fencing. Best price I could find and they even carried it around the back for me (with a little help from Sue).
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