Monday, December 22, 2008



My quest for the ideal pair of motorbike boots continues. I bought a pair of Altberg boots in the summer. I can't say I was particularly impressed with them. Comfort wise they were ok, though the toe box was a bit small. However protection wise they didn't seem to offer any more protection than any other bog-standard boot. A problem with buying motorbike clothing is that it doesn't meet any standards for personal protective equipment so you are left replying on hearsay or trusting what the manufacturer says.

Anyway, this time around I've bought a pair of chainsaw boots. The people at Honey Bros were very helpful and apparently I'm not the first to buy chainsaw boots for riding on the motorbike. At least now I'll be safe when attached by chainsaw wielding zombies.

Monday, December 08, 2008


Carb icing

I've finally found a cure for the carb icing which has been plaguing me every winter on my KTM 950 Adventure. As soon as the temperature dropping being 10 degrees C and their is a bit of humidity in the air, the bike starts playing up. It stalls at junctions, it stalls when changing down if I'm not careful, it back fires at 6:30am whilst riding through Chobham, it misfires etc etc. The last couple of years I've had the fuel pump go and holes in the exhaust which gave similar symptoms at times. By the time they were fixed, it was spring and all the problems went away.

This year, the bike has no other problems (it even past its MOT last month) and I've had chance to experience the unadulterated carb icing symptoms. The solution is Silkolene Pro-FST. Remarkably enough, it actually does what it claims. I've just finished the first tank full with it, added at 1.5% and all the problems has disappeared!

Now I just need to solve the problem of the alarm going off at 5:30am.


Fame at last!

Not perhaps the most flattering photo though.
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