Saturday, October 04, 2008


Cider Making

I've been cider making again today. The person who lent me the apple mill last time generously offered to let me borrow it again. However, I decided to give the garden shredder ago, mainly of the grounds that I thought it might be less effort than a hand mill!

After a bit of experimentation, I worked out the best way to capture the pulp, and avoid it being blown about all over the garden, was to wrap some net curtains around the outlet to make a tube and then out a big bucket under them.

The results are in the photos. Some pulp seeped out and ended up over the shredder but most of it was caught in the tub and ended up the consistency of porridge. The yield was up as well, around 10 gallons, 45 litres, from about 65kg of apples.

Cleaning the shredder was easy: turn it on and spray water down it.

Oh yes, the ciderkin I made the other week has finished fermenting and so has been transfered to a manucube for drinking. It's quite watery and weak but pleasant enough to drink. Apparently the stuff doesn't keep so there is no point waiting to see if the flavour matures.
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Friday, October 03, 2008



On Friday, we decided we'd all go to Legoland. After the endless hours of queuing when we went in the summer, we were all pleased to see the a Friday in October didn't have all the same queues. We had to queue for about 40 minutes for one of the rides and other than that, no queues at all (apart from at the really, really slow coffee shop).

My favourite ride was the going-down-a-shoot-in-a-boat ride. I'd just got the hang of leaning the boat over in the corners, when we reached the bottom. Judging by the photo, Will seemed to enjoy it too.

Sue claims she enjoyed the dragon roller coaster the best, though if that was the case, why did she leave bruises on my arm from gripping onto me?
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