Sunday, September 21, 2008



I've just finished my first cider pressing of the season. I've no scratter so have had to resort to hitting the apples with a big stick before pressing. Consequently, the yield is down - only about 9 or 10 litres from at least 20kg of apples. I pressed half of my Lord Lambourne today so have got that in a couple of demijohns, either to blend or to make a single variety cider, depending on how it tastes. The apple is related to Katy and Thatchers manage to make a single variety cider from that ok so I'm hopeful.

The SG was only 1042 so it'll only be about 5.5% - I might have to add some sugar to bring the ABV up enough to make sure it keeps.

The bucket is full of the pressed apples covered in water. I'm going to leave it and repress to see if it makes a weak but tasty cider.
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Berkshire County Show

We went to the Berkshire Country Show on Saturday. I've never been before. Loads of people there but still plenty of space to move around. There was loads to do; all sorts of stalls, livestock competitions, chariot racing etc. Sue's mum lives near by so we met her there and walked around together (or more or less together, at least one person at a time would wander off and have to be phoned).

I watched the pig competition for a while. Sure enough, most of the pigs seemed to want to ignore their handler and root around in the grass. I also got to stroke the Sadle Back piglets but I wasn't allowed to take any home, worst luck.

The cows in the photo are Dexters. I've never heard of them before but they really are as short as they look and aren't kneeling down.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Val and Patrick's Wedding

At the weekend we went off to Bradford on Avon for Val and Patrick's wedding. The wedding itself was a few minutes walk from the town centre in a medieval barn (run by English heritage). Val looked stunning in a deep purple dress and Patrick even managed to get matching tie and lining. The ceremony was short and beautiful and the weather stayed warm and sunny for the photos after Friday's rain.

Afterwards it was off the the Swan Hotel for the reception. I sat next to a wealth manager, who was quite interesting, there we some CAMRA people there who I hadn't seen for quite a while and even someone who worked for Barclays.

The evening reception was a quiet cruise down the canal - lots of scenary on the outbound trip (including a heron stalking down the towpath like it was out for a stroll) and then bats and a huge moon after we turned around.

On the way back I made Sue and Amelia visit Avebury as I haven't been there for years. Not convinced they were as impressed with it as they should've been!
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