Sunday, April 27, 2008


House Clearance

Well the ex moved out yesterday so today Sue and I were around starting to clean up and clear out. There was an aweful lot of stuff to clean and equally large amounts to get rid off. We've cleared most of the upstairs and I managed to get one dump run in, leaving me with this pile of stuff (and 15 bin bags inside, ready to go to the charity shop). Just the loft, downstairs and outside to do now then!

Needless to say, Sue was a star cleaning the bathroom, toilet and showroom (only took her 4 hours to get the shower reasonably clean).

We've got the removals men booked for this Friday. If we both weren't so knackered, I think we'd be quite excited.
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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Wedding and Honeymoon

Well we're back! No photos from the wedding yet but I've got some from the honeymoon. The wedding itself was pretty much perfect. Everyone we invited turned up and behaved themselves. Will coped with playing the music and didn't seem to weirded out by being at his Father's wedding.

Sue turned up a polite ten minutes late and looked stunning in her dress. We were both a bit tearful during the ceremony but made it through ok. We had sunshine on the day so were able to get lots of photos outside. We didn't want anything too posed to had the photographers snapping away.

After a quiet drive in the wedding car, it was dinner followed by live music by a superb band Your Mum. It got a bit cold later on in the evening so I was able to light one of the fires, which satisfied the pyromaniac in me.

Everybody was gone by midnight and Sue and I got to sleep in a four-poster bed.

For the honeymoon it was off to Malta. It didn't get off to a great start when we were late boarding the plane, delayed on the plane, somebody took Sue's luggage by mistake and then the taxi driver had given up waiting for us as it all took so long! We finally got to bed around 3:30am.

Neither of us had been to Malta before so we split our time between doing the usual touristy stuff and just wandering around enjoying the weather.

The new wife:

This is the island of Comono we went to on a boat trip. Looks nice but the water was a bit chilly.

Valleta, from the harbour.

Friday, April 11, 2008


I'm getting married in the morning

Well in the afternoon. We're all packed, just got to get Sue's dress out of the loft and remember where I put my camera. The cider is ordered and I'm picking it up this afternoon. I've learnt out to tie my cravat and my brother has organised a stag night for tonight.

Sue had her hen night last night and came back completely pissed. I'll try and avoid doing the same tonight.

So looks like we're already!

Friday, April 04, 2008


It's done!

I applied to start ancillary relief proceedings a few months ago and Tuesday (April 1st!) was the date set for us to appear at the Principle Registry of the Family Division in Holborn. The day was pretty much like I'd read about it in the various divorce forums. We turned up an hour before the time we were due in court to meet our barrister (Sue came up with me to offer me moral support). We discussed the situation with him and then he started to negotiate. At 11:30 before we were due in court we asked the judge to give us more time and then we had an agreement an hour or so later.

My barrister then wrote up the consent order by hand and we took it to the judge at just after 2pm. She approved it, we signed it and that was it, all done in the space of a few hours.

So Val moves out in the 26th April, which fits on nicely with Sue and me coming back from our honeymoon, giving us a week to sort out moving Sue out of her place and into Gordon Road.

I'm really looking forward to feeling like I have a home again and living with Sue and Amelia full time (not to mention getting stuck into the decorating). Will is planning to stay in Gordon Road so I'm sure we'll have an entertaining time sorting out how we'll live together as it's something new for us all.

I just hope Sue can feel like it's her home as well.

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