Monday, February 25, 2008


Folk Lore

For a change, this entry is nothing to do with divorce or marriage or motorbikes. I read an interesting article today in "Time and Mind" about Dartmoor folklore. To quote from the abstract: "Visitors to Devon are offered tales of the Devil on Dartmoor as if these were timeless, sinister tradition of the moor folk. Historical analysis shows instead that the legends were worked into their present form by folklorists creating guidebook literature for the new phenomenon of Dartmoor tourism. From 1840 onward, the stories took on an imaginative life which was irrelevant to the lived experience of Dartmoor people".

"The Stations of the Sun" makes a similar point about the fanciful inventions of folklorists. For example, on the May Day hobby horse dance through Padstow the official pamphlet printed by the town states that the dance is celtic in origin and 4000 years old. The oldest known recorded date is actually 1803.


Busy weekend

Another busy weekend has flown by. On Friday the KTM was in the bike shop (again!) to have its fork seals sorted out. They also told me the exhaust is rotting and I either need a new Y-section or a whole new system. On the plus side, I went into Oxford whilst they were fixing the bike to look for a dress shirt for the wedding. I didn't find anything the right colour but I did find a very nice gentleman's outfitters who had a sale on. I think I might have been watching to much of Saville Row on the TV, as I bought a wool and cashmere jacket and a new pair of trousers. The jacket is a superbly tweady blue.

On Friday night Sue and I went into London to meet up with John and Lisa. As I haven't been for a while I booked a table at the Oxo Tower. The views and food were fantastic, though paying for it was a bit less pleasant. The waiters were great as well, very friendly and welcoming, happy to talk about the food and not at all stuffy. I had rabbit ballotine to start, followed by roast fillet of beef, cep purée, oxtail and truffle cream bon-bon and something involving cinnamon ice cream for pudding.

Saturday was less happy though. Poor old jess the cat had to be put down. He had fluid on his lungs and heart problems so his time had come. He was a soft old thing who never meant anyone any harm and just wanted a bit of love and affection. At least he enjoyed his last couple of years of life once Sue took him in.

I cheered up on Sunday though as I posted out the wedding invites!

Monday, February 18, 2008


It's happened

My decree absolute has come through! It was served last Friday but solicitors being what they are, I didn't get to hear about it until this morning. So I am now officially a free man, at least for a few weeks as I'm getting married again on the 12th April.

I've wondered what I'd put in my blog when this day finally happened. In the end, I'm just very happy and smiley that it's happened. My life is coming together and I'm looking forward to spending the rest of it with Sue.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hello Sailor!

We went down to Portsmouth again for the day yesterday. No particular reason other than the sun was shining and the tickets to the historic boatyard were valid for a year and I do like to get value for my money!

We went around HMS Warrior this time. Remarkably similar layout to Victory, they just seem to have added some steam engine and breach loading cannons (and some tin baths).

When we tried to leave Portsmouth, we saw how big the traffic jams were before we left the carpark and decided to walk back into town to get a meal. It took us a while to find somewhere which served food we'd all eat and actually had space - the place was heaving.
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