Sunday, August 13, 2006


Look at me

As my bike was looking a bit scratched and scuffed in places, I decided to cover up the offending areas with some retroreflective tape. It certainly looks nice and bright under the camera's flash. I'm not sure how long it will last, hopefully atleast until the spring. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 06, 2006


UK KTM Riders Meet Up

Well I'm just back from the first official UK KTM adventure riders meeting. We stayed at a farm just outside Macclesfield and spend Saturday riding around the Peak District Byways. Various picture from the day are below.

I rented a DRZ400 and kept geting told how easy it would be to keep up with the large KTMs. I think the people who said that were assuming a somewhat higher level of skill than I have.

Anyway, I only came off once. Almost straight away after I came off, I found that I had a puncture, so that was clearly the reason I fell. People with more knowledge and tyre irons than me put in a new tube. Unfortunately, about three mile from the camp site, there was a large bang as the tyre came off the rim and the inner tube burst.

Surprisingly enough, I managed not to fall off and Boyd (who owns the farm where we camped) trailed me back.


BDG failing to use the Portaloo he paid for




Boyd and his wind up gramaphone, playing German music.


Around the bonfire, slowly roasting.


More bikes. I went out on the yellow one.


No wonder the bike felt wobbly...


Stopping for a breather


Some of the bikes, ready to go


Alpakas (or may be lamas, very cute anyway)


The camp site (the numerous flies don't seem to have made it into the photo)

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