Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Busy, busy, busy

Another busy Wednesday not at work. Wanted to try out the new bread maker this morning so went into Camberley to buy flower and yeast. I can report it works just fine. Bit of a bargain as well, only 20 quid for Lidl and comes with a three year guarantee.

I then cycled to Farnborough to meet Will at the gym The cycle home was a bit slow though.

Tried to visit Sue but she was out. I ask you, what's a single parent doing going out when I want to come around?

Then it was up on the shed roof to repair the hole made by the bastard squirrels when they were nesting in the insulation.

Then it was off to Wickes to try and buy some chicken wire fill the gaps around the shed roof to keep the squirrels out. No luck there so I ended up getting it from screw fix.

Somewhere admist all these, I managed to fit in an afternoon nap :-)

Saturday, May 06, 2006



My search for a half decent on line calendar goes on. I'v now stopped using a blog and am using the calendar that comes with Of course, only people with a myspace profile and marked as my friend will be able to see it but I don't think that's a big loss to the world.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Tradesmen Wednesday

Today the cavity wall insulation people ( came and did their stuff. There was a bit of faffing around about whether they were meant to be doing the tiled area, as the surveyer discussed with me but failed to write down, but it all got done in the end.

Then the water butts (actually a pair of IBC) turned up. The cavity wall people were still in the drive with their van so the tanks blocked up the pavement for a while.

Then I had to press gang Will into helping me shift the tanks around the back of the house. What a fuss he made, anybody would think they were heavy.

Finally it was off to Blackwater to discuss the up coming church services with other lay luminaries(!) Posted by Picasa

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